Principal's Message

"Don’t limit a child to your own learning for he was born in another time."

In reality there is a vast difference in the way children were brought up then and the way they are being grown today surely the expectations of all parents have rise with the demands of ever changing needs we mould ourselves and the learning environment to enhance each aspect of the Childs personality to make them emerge as assets to the society in future.

"Extraordinary personalities are ordinary people who do everything with extraordinary passion"

It is with this passion that we Dronacharyans forge ahead for life preparations to face the challenges of 21st century l thank all facilitators who are the strong and robust pillars of this institution the parents who have stood by us at all times and their valuable support and faith is priceless the children who lend all colour and vibrancy to their alma mater.

With a satisfactory past l expect greater laurels to come our way now in future l would want each one to believe that my next will be my best this self motivating thought is the greatest inspiration to all it helps one to make a better of oneself it gives a momentum to keep climbing the ladder and not let stagnation mar your potential for you compete more with your own past than with others.

The coming years will pose greater complexity than before there for I would like to impress upon Dronacharyans not to lose the basic values of life. Let not competition achievements and glories lead you away from social & moral commitments be assured that the educator here will chisel you to be a fine individual who will represent the motherland India in Global World.

Best of luck to all for a creative year ahead.


PRINCIPAL – 12:00 Noon to 2 PM. on prior appointment
STAFF – Prior appointment from the Principal or on PTM as per schedule



Donacharya Public School
Gariaband (Chhattisgarh )