List of Competitions (Classes I - X) 2022-23
S.No. Month Date Classes I-II III-IV V-VI VII-VIII IX-X
1 April 6 Drawing Vegetable/Thumb Painting Painting/Sketching/Greeting Card Making  Poster/Border Making Best out of waste/ Thermocol Art
2 13 Vegetable/Thumb Painting Clay Modelling Best out of waste  Eng. Extempore/ Debate/Speech  Slogan Writ./ Painting/Sketching
3 20 Memory Game/ Origami/Paper Craft Best out of waste Photo Frames With Famous Quotes & Poem/ Calligraphy Gift Wrapping/Sudoku Role Play/Mimic/Comedy
4 June 22 Clay Modelling Leaf Collage Making Puppets/Book Mark with Shapes Role Play/Shlok Path/ Comedy Eng. Extempore/ Debate/Speech 
5 29 Spell Bee (I) Eng. Extempore/ Story Telling Spell Bee (I) Best out of waste/Wall Hangings School Book Coverpage Making
6 July 6 Leaf Collage Ball Stick Race Tug of War Spell Bee(I) Powerpoint Presentation
7 13 Tug of War Spell Bee (I)/ Dumb Charades (Words) G.K. Quiz (I) Poem/Essay Writing G.K./Heritage Quiz(I)
8 20 GK Quiz/No. Cruncher (I) Tug of War Eng. Extempore/ Debate/Speech  Kho-Kho/Pitthul Poem/Story/Essay Writing
9 27 Pass the ball under the legs Role Play/Eng./Hin Speech Poster Making Tug-of-war Spell Bee (I)
10 Aug 3 Story Telling Hin/Eng. Hand Wrt. Role Play G.K. Quiz (I) Tug-of-war
11 10 Fancy Dress Flag/Rakhi/ Puppet Making Flag/Rakhi Making  Flag/Rakhi Making/Mehandi Kho-Kho/Pitthul
12 17 Simon says/Marble Game Hit the target / Balls in the Bucket Clock/Abacus Making  HTMLProg./Webpage des  Rangoli/Pot/Collage
13 24 Hit the target / Balls in the Bucket Musical Chair Maths Quiz (I) Badminton(B)/Throw ball(G) Model Making(Sc. Exhibition)
14 Oct 12 Hin/Eng. Hand Wrt. Solo Song/Dance Rangoli/Pot/Collage Maths Quiz (I) Salad/Flower/Mehandi
15 19 Solo Song/Dance Pitthul Kho-Kho/Pitthul Model Making(Sc. Exhibition) Maths Quiz(I)
16 Nov 9 Kho-Kho G.K. Quiz (I) Volley Ball(B)/Badminton(G) Rangoli/Pot/Collage Photography/Adv. Page Designing
17 16 Musical Chair Maths Quiz (I) Model Making(Sc. Exhibition) Salad/Flower/Garland Making Badminton(B)/Throw ball(G)
18 23 Kite Making Kho-Kho  Solo Song/Dance/Instru  Basket Ball/Chess/Carrom Book/Movie Review / Sudoku
19 30 Frog Jump/No./Shape Hop Race Kite/Mask Making Badminton(B)/Throw ball(G) Solo Song/Dance/Instru  Fireless cooking
20 Dec 7 Dumb Charades (Words) Load/Bag Race/Rope Jump 2 Card Board Race Mask Making/Wall Art Nukad Natak/Mime Act.
21 28 Mask/Ch. Tree/Cap Making Santa/Snow man making Salad/Flower (Artif.)Decor. Slow Cycling/Skipping Race Volley Ball(B)/Badminton(G)
22 Jan 4 Role Play Collect ball with knees / Bottle filling Game Three Leg/Sac Race Fireless Cooking  Basket Ball/Chess/Carrom
23 11 Duck Walk Race Emoji Painting in MS-Paint Salad Deco./Fireless Cooking Volley Ball(B)/Badminton(G) Slow Cycling/Skipping Race



Donacharya Public School
Gariaband (Chhattisgarh )