Director's Desk

Dear Parent,

Dronacharya Public SchoolEducation is the process of organizing and developing in a systematic way the intellect of the student so that he/she can be capable of assimilating understanding and deciding the course of action and achieve a pre-set goal.Education is only a ladder to pluck fruits from the tree of knowledge not the fruit itself. Our moto of education for excellence and success has been bearing fruit in view of the fact that Arya’s classes have performed significantly a great job by educating aspirants through its unique teaching methodology and accomplished the best professionals in medical as well as engineering field. We have been cherishing the talents by making them to qualify in IIT-JEE,NEET, AIEEE & PET.

Hence it is a manifestation that we have been able to contribute very significantly and positively the cause of education through the talented and well experienced staff of DRONACHARYA PUBLIC SCHOOL.

Inculcating our resolution one more step ahead our team step in to train the upcoming students from the very beginning to ensure the success and to nourish their future by real pathfinders and torch bearers as the great guru DRONACHARYA had done during his time.

To fetch the legacy we need our parent’s assertion and participation to make DRONACHARYA PUBLIC SCHOOL in its true means.



Donacharya Public School
Gariaband (Chhattisgarh )