Life is such a dull and monotonous survival without celebrations"

We have many celebrations in our school campus as – Independence Day, Janmashtami, Teacher's day, Children’s day, Annual day, Republic day, etc.

These celebrations work as a recreation for our students and fill their regular routine with excitement and enthusiasm.


Celebrations & Functions 2020-2021
S.No. Month Date Day
1 Aug. 15 Sat. Independence Day
2 Sep. 5 Sat. Teacher's Day
3 Dec. 19 Sat. Annual Function
4 Jan.'21 26 Tues. Republic Day


Celebrations & Functions (2019-2020)
S.No. Month Date Day Occasion
1 Aug 15 Thur Independence Day
2 Sep 05 Thur Teacher's Day
3 Jan 11 Sat Annual  Function
4 Jan 26 Sun Republic Day



Donacharya Public School
Gariaband (Chhattisgarh )