School Trips

Dronacharya Public SchoolLearning cannot be limited to the classroom and school trips/excursions can be valuable and practical learning opportunities to help bring to life subjects that students are studying in the classroom. The knowledge and experience gained beyond the classroom consolidates, extends and enriches the curriculum. The expectation is that all students should attend these trips and that parents support the school in this aim. These trips give students the opportunity to be independent and bond with each other while providing essential life-building skills.

The Junior School trips are often theme based, connecting to what they have in their curriculum – often based on studying elements of nature and engaging in activities close to nature. 

The Senior School trips are longer duration and involve travel to distant places within the country for a firsthand experience of treks, studies of culture, heritage, wildlife, biodiversity, art and architecture, exposure to outdoor and adventure activities etc.

Before students are taken on any excursion a detailed risk assessment takes place and the visit is thoroughly planned. The concerned stakeholders are informed well in advance and any required training is organised.




Donacharya Public School
Gariaband (Chhattisgarh )